Origin:  Italia


Genres:  Techno


Active:  Dj & Producer


Label:  Black Snake Recordings



Short Bio

Born on Oct.17,1998, is an Italian dj producer ( Ableton Live certified ) , specialized in techno music. Despite the young age, Lif7 has mastered years of experience behind his back, considering his passion for music and his early beginnings in the dj production world, he started playing, as a form of hobby, when he was just 14. Since then he as accomulated excellent experience in the sector, not only by playing in some live events in his hometown, but also by joining one of the élite Italian academies based in Naples. Studying under the sapient guide of experts like Enrico Cosimi, Giancarlo Lanza, Acunto Vinci and dj Simi, Lif7 is focusing his studies on sound design, mastering and live performing. The first results of his artistic expansion came on the last october when he released two single tracks and a EP called LAST BREATHE  under the ''Blackbore records''. According to his view of music and life, he has always intended to add something really deep on techno music, as his emotions, poems and voice.



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Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


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