Sample Pack


Our brand new sample pack by Darian Jaburg

Sample Pack

Essential Sounds

Are you looking for the right banger sounds for your project? Sounds like from artists and labels like Adam Beyer, Drumcode, The Yellowheads, Reload Records, UMEK, 1605, Kraftek or Suara?


This sample pack by Darian Jaburg was created with Sylenth1, Serum, Spire, Roland, Ableton Operator, Ableton Wavetable and many more sounds. The sounds are all produced as 24-bit wave and 129-131 BPM.


Since all sounds are produced as wave files, they can easily be imported into any DAW!

As a special thank you for your purchase, this sample pack contains 17 Bonus Kick loops and 20 Bonus Synth loops.


Black Snake Factory is a brand of Black Snake Recordings.

The Sample Pack was created by Darian Jaburg - founder and owner of Black Snake Recordings

Listen to the demo

What is inside?

Overall, this sample pack consists of the following sounds:

Overall in the Pack: 280 Samples!


10 Arp Loops
10 Synth Loops
20 Bonus Synth Loops

10 Bass Loops
15 Kick Loops
17 Bonus Kick Loops

15 HH Loops
12 Drone Loops
10 Tension Loops
15 Snare Loops
15 Clap Loops
5 Ride Loops
11 Pad Loops


15 Kick

15 HH
15 Clap

15 Ride

15 Snare

15 Perc

25 Effects

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