Darian Jaburg




Origin:  Germany


Genres:  Techno


Years Active:  2006- Present


Labels:  Black Snake Recordings, Reload Records, Klinik Room Recordings, Carypla Records, MTZ NOIR, Sonika Music


Website: blacksnakerecordings.de

Short Bio

Darian Jaburg was born at Apr. 26. 1979 in Giessen (Germany). He starts his musical career at the age of 27. He has a great musical style. Over the past years, Darian has composed several techno tracks and marketed them to know labels.

The year 2018 was an important year for Darian. He has signed to labels such as Reload Records, founded by The Yellowheads, as well as Clinic Room, Davotab, Carypla Records, MTZ Records and Sonika Music, at upcoming label from the techno island of Ibiza.

His first single "You Gotta Lotta Nerv" was released at 2015. Over the past years, some popular tracks have been followed like A-side (Original Mix), Supernova (Original Mix), Destroyed feat. Alala.One as well as Haitian Rum Runner (Remix Darian Jaburg). In the year 2018 followed various releases like ADE Compilation (Sonika Music), EP Leasure (Sonika Music), EP Beyond (MTZ Records) aswell as EP Bipolar (Reload Records). His second release on Reload Records "Karma EP" reached # 23 in the Beatport Top100 charts.

In 2018 Darian Jaburg founded his own label Black Snake Recordings, a young label that supports artists from all over the world to release their modern and high-quality techno productions. Over the past few months, Darian has collaborated with well-known artists such as Sara Krin, Maharti and Skov Bowden and has published joint projects. A joint music project with Maharti recently reached # 15 in the Beatport Top100 charts.

Since 2018 he decided it was time to begin performing on the decks. Darian has gigs in Erlangen (Metronom) and throughout Bavaria in 2019. Darian will play at the Fabville Festival in August. However, his skills and abilities go further because electronic music is his first big love.

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August 17th, 2019 Fabville Festival, Bayreuth GER


Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Label: Black Snake Recordings | info@blacksnakerecordings.de


Management: Darian Jaburg | darian.jaburg@blacksnakerecordings.de


Booking: booking@blacksnakerecordings.de

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